Salmagundi Illustrators of WWI July 19 2017

Parlor, November 17, 2017

Friday, 6:30PM

Sponsored by the SCNY Program Committee.

Admission $15 if purchased in advance online, $20 Admission at the door.
Free to SCNY members.
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Salmagundi artists on the front line of WWI.

Civilian artists in the European trenches during World War I, many who were Salmagundi Club members were solicited by our government to illustrate the war first hand. This presentation by James Thompson, author of  “Painting America’s Portrait”, will discuss these talented artist illustrators and how they “created America” while helping Uncle Sam raise an army and mobilize a nation to “make the world safe for democracy”.

American involvement in WWI officially began as Congress declared war on Germany on April 6, 1917. Two weeks later, George Creel, Chairman of the Committee of Public Information, CPI, solicited SCNY artist Charles Dana Gibson to be the Director of Pictorial Publicity, a division of CPI. In this role, artist Gibson was expected to create a group of illustrators including Howard Giles and George Wright to “sell the war” to the American people.  This is a chapter of American History converging with a chapter of Salmagundi Club SCNY history.  

During the next year these talented artist illustrators created 1,000 propaganda posters that presented the US with imagery of inspirational images of American “can do” spirit. Many of the artist illustrators who worked under the guidance of Gibson made a significant contribution through their art in the way Americans saw themselves and this great country.  

About the Speaker:
Mr. Thompson has appeared on CSpan History Channel in addition to numerous other history-orientated radio and television programs. He has spoken at the Virginia Historical Society, the U.S Naval Academy, Stratford Hall, and Wilton House in Richmond Virginia. Jim has presented lecture series for continuing education programs at the University of Virginia, the College of William and Mary, George Mason University and the University of Delaware. 

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