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Scintillating Conversations From Memoirs to Illustration Art November 04 2013

Our guiding principle is to accurately present human development as the composition of history, philosophy, and the arts. Thus, our book publishing service reviews all proposals to ensure they conform to this philosophy. Works that pass this careful scrutiny earn the privilege of inclusion in one of our book series.

Our library of books is divided into four distinct series based on specific emphasis or subject matter. The first series in order of publishing is the Pocketbook Illustrated Histories collection; its focus is conveying snapshots of historical events and the people behind them.

The Ideas in History series will be introduced in early 2014 with a book on the influence of French philosophy and society on Thomas Jefferson's development as Father of the American Revolution. The work reflects the collection's emphasis on the interplay of ideas and historical events.

Memoirs and Biographies follows the lives of influential people whose stories have not yet become readily known. The influence may be more subtle, a fact that makes the works more interesting.

The final collection focuses on the influence and illustration art provides to the greater tapestry of history. The aptly named History in Art series is scheduled for release in late 2014.

Commonwealth Book Publishers of Virginia continues to take great strides in providing accuracy and completeness in the telling of history.