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Commonwealth Books Upcoming Events May 12 2017

9 March 2017: Thursday - 10 AM

The Studio Group (in Howard Pyle’s Studio)

Program Topic: Howard Pyle – How His Method Evolved

1304 N. Franklin Street

Wilmington, Delaware

Betsy Greer – Events Manager



12 March 2017: Sunday - 5:00 PM

The Plastic Club of Philadelphia

Program Topic: Jessie Willcox Smith – the Beginning of the Age of Color

247 Camac St

Susan Stromquist - Exhibition Chair


27 April 2017: Thursday – 12:00 Noon

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Program Topic: Maxfeield Parrish – Graphic Designer

128 N. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19102
Dressler Smith – Coordinator of Adult Programs


29 April 2017: Saturday10:30AM: Stanley Arthurs – From Storyteller to Painter of History

Delaware State Archives

Program Topic: Stanley Arthur - From Illustration into Painting American History
21 The Green 
Dover, Delaware 19901 

Thomas Summers - Historical & Cultural Affairs


30 April 2017: Sunday3:00PM:

The Rose Valley Historical Society

Program Topic: How Illustrators Helped Win the Great War
Thunderbird Lodge

PO Box 62
Moylan, PA 19065 USA

Sue Keilbaugh - Rose Valley Historian and Program Coordinator


17 May 2017: Wednesday5:50PM: George Harding – PAFA Artist

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Program Topic: The War Art and Career of George Matthews Harding

128 N. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19102
Dressler Smith – Coordinator of Adult Programs


13 June 2017: Tuesday 6:00PM

Salmagundi Club

Program Topic: Great War Era Art by Salmagundi Club Members

47 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10003

John Leicmon – Salmagundi Project Committee


17 June 2017: Saturday 2:00PM

The Norman Rockwell Museum

Program Topic: Norman Rockwell and Creating America

9 MA-183

Stockbridge, MA 01262

Stephanie Plunkett – Events Coordinator


27 June 2017: Tuesday 7:00 PM

Norwalk Historical Society – Mill Hill Historic Park

Program Topic: The Art of Harry Townsend and F.C. Yohn
2 East Wall St.

Norwalk, CT 
Mailing Address: 
Samantha Kulish-Fargione – Program and Events Coordinator


27 September 2017: Wednesday – Time TBA

The Pennsylvania Historical Society

Program Topic: The War Art of George Matthews Harding

1300 Locust Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 732-6200

Christopher Damiani, Director of Public Programs



8 October 2017: Sunday – Time TBA

The Garden City Historical Society Museum / Nassau County Museum of Art

Program Topic: Raising an Army and Training the Troops

Suzie Alvey - GCHS Historian and Program Coordinator

Among His Slaves: George Mason’s Struggle With Slavery now Released! February 14 2017

It is with pleasure to announce that Terry K. Dunn's new book, 'Among His Slaves: George Mason’s Struggle With Slavery' has now been released.

Book Description:

George Mason of Gunston Hall distinguished himself as a planter, revolutionary patriot, author the Virginia Declaration of Rights, and slave owner. He wrote “that all men are by nature equally free and…have certain inherent rights…” and argued simultaneously that slavery was “that slow Poison, which is daily contamination [to] the Minds & Morals of our People.” Yet Mason owned more than a hundred slave men, women, and children himself. Over his lifetime he freed none of them.

To read more and purchase the book, please go to

PAINTING AMERICA’S PORTRAIT – How Illustrators Created Their Art on Sale at January 05 2017

We are pleased to announce that PAINTING AMERICA’S PORTRAIT – How Illustrators Created Their Art is now on sale at The Illustrated Gallery website.

Please see below for more details: