Thomas Jefferson: A Philosopher in American History October 02 2013

The first of the three figures who so succinctly conveys Commonwealth Book Publishers of Virginia's approach to history is the famous statesman Thomas Jefferson. He played a pivotal role in American history for his authorship of the Declaration of Independence and subsequent introduction of the concept of inherent rights into the American political vernacular.

Jefferson went on to serve as Minister to France, Secretary of State, Vice President, and President. He was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase and the expedition of Lewis and Clark into the new land. Jefferson also played a significant role in the design and formation of the University of Virginia.

Many biographies fail to adequately account for the sources of Jefferson's inspiration. His educational background exposed him to the work of British philosopher John Locke whose thoughts on government and society likely had a major impact on a young Jefferson.

Through his actions, Jefferson brought philosophical thought into the framework of history, thereby intertwining the depth of human thought with the march of human events.

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