Commonwealth Book Publishers of Virginia: Book Publishers with a Purpose October 02 2013

Avid history readers and writers alike have three questions when they come across our website. They wonder who we are, what factors elevate us from the pack, and why we chose three specific historical figures to represent our motto, "Where History, Philosophy, and Art Meet."

Commonwealth Book Publishers of Virginia is a well known publisher and book publishing service that specializes in memoirs and the study of American history. We manage every aspect of editing and publishing the works we choose for inclusion into our repertoire.

Though a book is not revealed by its cover, a publisher is judged by what he chooses to produce. We do not have an allegiance to a particular location or era in the historical accounts we choose to convey. Instead, we select books that exemplify our theory that the course of human events is closely intertwined with and shaped by the ideals and thoughts of contemporary philosophy and art.

Thomas Jefferson, John Locke, and Charles Willson Peale are prime examples of this line of reasoning and, for that, their beaming portraits grace our website. We hope the reader is influenced to see history in a new light through our book selection.

Commonwealth Book Publishers of Virginia is constantly looking for authors and titles to grace our online bookshelves. Suggestions from history buffs and submissions from authors can help us achieve our goal.