James Thompson begins offering painted reproductions of N. C. Wyeth's greatest masterpieces April 09 2016

Beginning April 10th, James Thompson, accomplished author, publisher and artist will be offering painted copies of 

N. C. Wyeth’s illustrations.

He is reproducing any Wyeth painting of your choosing and expects to create copies that are the same size as the original pictures. The cost of creating a copy will vary to some small extent based on whether you want your picture scaled larger or smaller than the original.

Wyeth painted most of the works I am familiar with in portrait format that are 40” x 32” in size. This large size photographed well and could be reduced to fit on the printed pages where the illustrations would appear. The Treasure Island illustrations were exceptions to this rule, having been painted in portrait formats that were 47” x 39”. 

James will be happy to speak with you if you have a question about a particular Wyeth “classic” or about the process he follow to create his copies.He can be reached by email at jct@commonwealthbooks.org. Or phone at 703-307-7715.

For more information please visit http://www.commonwealthbooks.org/pages/wyeth-copies.