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Celebrated Cultural Destination, Winterthur, Purchases Thomas Jefferson's Enlightenment - Paris 1785 May 22 2014

Commonwealth is pleased to announce that Winterthur, the premier museum of American decorative arts, has made a bulk purchase of James Thompson's Thomas Jefferson's Enlightenment - Paris, 1785.

The former childhood home of Henry Francis du Pont (1880-1969), Winterthur (pronounced “winter-tour”) has a collection of printed books and periodicals that contains more than 100,000 volumes and approximately 20,000 rare American and European imprints. Winterthur also houses nearly 90,000 objects made or used in America between about 1640 and 1860. The collection is displayed in the magnificent 175-room house, much as it was when the du Pont family lived there, as well as in permanent and changing exhibition galleries.

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Our YouTube Channel Is Up May 22 2014

The first in a series of videos on Thomas Jefferson's Enlightenment have been posted on our new YouTube Channel. 

Stay tuned for more Thomas Jefferson videos and also a new series of historical commentaries.

Midwest Book Review: Thomas Jefferson's Enlightenment: Paris 1785 Is "Illuminating, Captivating, and Highly Recommended" April 08 2014

James A. Cox, editor-in-chief at Midwest Book Review, calls Thomas Jefferson's Enlightenment: Paris 1785 a "unique, biographical portrait". The book, written by James Thompson, details Jefferson's eye-opening journey into the world of Parisian society, and the insights he took with him back to America.

"Written in a unique style - the 'nonfiction narrative' - Thomas Jefferson's Enlightenment: Paris 1785 tells how Jefferson adjusted his worldview through Jefferson's own words, quoted and smoothly integrated in an accessible natural flow," Cox explains, "Historic black-and-white and color images illustrate this illuminating, captivating, and highly recommended glimpse into the mind of a great man and legendary leader."

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