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Why do I write?- Barbara Wallace July 25 2014

I get an idea from who knows where, then have an opening and an ending.  And I just write toward that ending.  No notes or outlines or ideas all written down ahead of starting the story,  I”m sure my EDGAR nominations and winners came from my love of Charles Dickens.  I went to the moon when reviewers mentioned the word “Dickensian” about several of my stories.  

One other point I will make in closing - we eat when we’re hungry.  We drink when we’re thirsty.  We sleep when we need to.  But why people write, or paint, or sculpt is a mystery to me, really.    

-Barbara Wallace

Author Barbara Wallace joins Commonwealth Books of Virginia July 24 2014

Author of the book Small Footsteps in the Land of the Dragon: Growing Up In China, Barbara Wallace is now published by Commonwealth Books of Virginia. Now available in our online book store. Click here to buy her book >

In her recent memoir, Small Footsteps in the Land of the Dragon, award-winning children’s author Barbara “Bobbie” Wallace provides a captivating account of her childhood years in pre-WWII China. What a storyteller! What a life! What an amazing book!

Great Turnout For Evelyn Swensson Book Signing June 17 2014

Evelyn Swensson, author of Notes: My Serendipitous Life With Music, held a book signing and speaking engagement in Cokesbury Village on Thursday, June 12. Mrs. Swensson entertained the crowd with stories from her exciting life and answered questions about becoming an author. Mrs. Swensson was introduced by her publisher and friend, James C. Thompson of Commonwealth Books of Virginia. (Pictured below with Mrs. Swensson.)