Samuel Nelson Abbott cover illustration for The Ladies' Home Journal (1922): beautifully framed


 Cover: The Ladies' Home Journal
    "Salt Water Taffy"
    By Samuel Nelson Abbott
    August 1922 Issue
Image Size: H 13.75” x W 10.25”
    Matted & Framed:  H 20.75” x W 16.25”
    Framed Price: $285.00  
    Packaging and shipping approximately $25.00
SNA went to France as a young man and studied at the Academy Julian (1894-1896). He received instruction from J. P. Laurens and Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant.
     SNA settled in New York after returning from his studies in France. For 25 years he was the primary artist for the Stylebooks of Hart, Schaffner, and Marx. Being a dedicated company man, he turned down most other commercial work.
In addition to his illustrations for Hart Schaffner & Marx, Abbott created covers for magazines including the Saturday Evening Post, The Ladies' Home Journal and Woman’s Home Companion. The first two were publications of the Curtis Publishing Company of Philadelphia.
     WWI Posters (Buy a Liberty Bond: help our boys at the front by joining the Patriotic Service League); easel paintings (portraits of Nelson, Whistler, and Lawrence of Arabia)
     This cover perfectly expresses SNA's ability to capture the emotions of a moment. By the time, he created this charming scene, image reproduction technology had advanced through the first generations of the so-called Age of Color. SNA enhanced the flirtatiousness of the moment with the deft posturing of his characters and the coloring of their costumes and the background light.

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