Guernsey Moore cover illustration for "The Saturday Evening Post" (1905): rare, beautifully framed antique


Cover Title: "The Wood Fire"
    By Guernsey Moore 
    April 15, 1905 Issue

    Image Size: H 15.00” x W 11.00”
    Matted & Framed:  H 22.00” x W 18.00”
    Framed Price: $275.00
   Whiteglove packaging and shipping approximately $35.00

Guernsey Moore was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania four years after Maxfield Parrish. Like Parrish, Moore attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and may have overlapped with Parrish while he was taking classes there.

GM's early works reflect Parrish’s poster-like style with their emphasis on graphic design. By 1905, Moore was also experimenting with photographic image reproduction, which was then commercially available. Rather than abandon graphic design, he merged elements of photo-realism with his design method. The results were dramatic as can be seen in the cover image he created for The Post’s April 15, 1905 issue.

The first of the sixty-three covers GM produced for The Saturday Evening Post appeared on June 30, 1900. In 1904, The Post's managing editor, G. H. Lorimer, named GM as the magazine's first Art Editor. In this position, Moore helped steer trends in Illustration Art for the next two decades. His final cover for The Post appeared on the January 19, 1924. Poor health forced him into retirement shortly after that. He died the following year.

In 1900, GM re-designed the magazine's masthead and introduced its now-familiar letting. After becoming Art Editor, he directed production of the magazine's first "color" cover. These colors were Black, Red, and White with shading as seen in his November 25, 1905 cover. 

During his working career, GM also served as the art director of Country Gentleman magazine, the Beck Engraving Company, George L. Boyer Company, and Calkins & Holden. 

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