N. C. Wyeth illustration from “Robin Hood” (1917): beautifully framed antique


"Their arrows flew together"
    For Robin Hood by Paul Creswick
    Illustrations by N. C. Wyeth
    Philadelphia. David McKay Publisher. 1917​

    Image Size: H 9.375” x W 6.875”
    Matted & Framed:  H 16.375” x W 13.875”
    Framed Price: $245.00
    Whiteglove packaging and shipping approximately $30.00

Besides the illustrations NCW produced for Scribner's Classics, he created images for eighty-seven other books. All, or most, of these were also brilliant, none more so than the scenes NCW produced for Robin Hood, which David McKay published the same year Scribner published The Boy's King Arthur (1917).

NCW had finished creating his “purple pallet” in 1913. The Black Arrow had been his first purple illustrations. We see them again in Robin Hood. This enchanting scene, somewhere in Sherwood Forest, is a true Wyeth masterpiece. The artist uses the remnants of the instructions he received from Howard Pyle in 1902 by creating action with a slanting composition. As he did in all his works, NCW steps into this picture and takes part in the ambush. We can feel him pulling the bowstrings and squinting as he aims the deadly shafts.

By 1917, the artist had escaped entirely from the dark shadowy city style Pyle used. Instead, here is Sherwood Forest, we have brilliant light, an abundance of color, and a swath of romantic purples that carry the viewer off into the world of make believe.

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