Henry Tuckahoe’s War on Washington


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Paperback Edition:

ISBN: 978-0-9961368-6-0

Library of Congress Control Number: 2015934744

Size: 5.5” x 8.5”

Pages: 310

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Release Date: 1 September 2015

Retail Price: $19.95




Mobipocket: 978-0-9961368-7-7

Release Date: 20 September 2015

Retail Price: $8.95

    "Henry Tuckahoe’s War on Washington is a multifaceted novel that reads almost like a great non-fiction exposé, transporting the reader into a world that feels utterly realistic."
    -The Columbia Review


    Author Lawrence Melton’s hero is a 200-year old member of the Tuckahoe Indian tribe. In a cascade of satirical wit, Melton recounts how Henry Tuckahoe exacts fearful vengeance on the people who stole the Potomac Basin from his ancestors. Melton’s paranormal protagonist does what some Washington realtors may dream of doing by selling and re-selling parcels of his tribal homeland at exorbitantly high and manipulated prices. And the ways he gets his listings are NOT ETHICAL! The supernatural natural is not the only peculiar character in Melton’s blasphemous work. He weaves together a collection of troublingly modern personalities in a fabric of controversy in which he manages to offend virtually every political sensibility. HT is an elegantly written, invariably funny satire about life in Washington. If you have a taste for black humor and enjoy Jonathan Swift, Evelyn Waugh, Tom Sharpe, and Peter DeVries, you will love Henry Tuckahoe.


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