V-1, N-1: The Journal of Thomas Jefferson's Life and Times - "A Man of Many Interests and Talents"


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The May 2017 Issue is The Journal's inaugural issue. In its ten articles, scholar discuss several of Thomas Jefferson's many talents and interest. Managing Editor Dr. Mark Holowchak introduces readers to the Journal's theme-based program and the contents of its first issue, the topic of discussion is Thomas Jefferson – A Man of Many Interests and Talents.

CONTENTS -  Volume 1, Number 1

Introduction from the Editor

Feature Essay:

     Mark Holowchak: “A silent execution of duty”: The Republican Pen of

     Thomas Jefferson

Reply to Dr. Holowchak:

     James Carpenter: The Dimensionality of Thomas Jefferson: A Commentary

     on Holowchak


     Richard Dixon: Jefferson as Lawyer

     Garrett Ward Sheldon: Thomas Jefferson’s Conception of Religious Freedom

     Arthur Scherr: Jefferson’s Love affair with the Natural Bridge

     Brian Dotts: Tacitus, “The greatest enemy to tyrants”

     Ari Helo: Jefferson’s Progressive View of History

     Kevin Gutzman: Thomas Jefferson: Radical Virginian

     Amy J. Barbee and M. Andrew Holowchak: Thomas Jefferson: A Psychoanalytical


Book Reviews

Letters to the Editor


About The Journal of Thomas Jefferson's Life and Times:

The  is published twice annually. Future spring issues will be published in May. The fall issue is published in November.

Jefferson summarized the mission of The Journal in the letter he wrote he wrote du Pont de Nemours on 24 April 1816. Said Jefferson to the respected French economist:

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.”

In keeping with Jefferson’s optimistic expectation, The Journal of Thomas Jefferson's Life and Times will “enlighten the people” with thoughtful, well-written, evidence-based commentaries on topics selected by its Board of Advisors.


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