The Journal: Print Issue - Volume 1, Number 2


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The May 2017 Issue is The Journal's inaugural issue. In its ten articles, scholar discuss several of Thomas Jefferson's many talents and interest. Managing Editor Dr. Mark Holowchak introduces readers to the Journal's theme-based program and the contents of its first issue, the topic of discussion is Thomas Jefferson – A Man of Many Interests and Talents.

CONTENTS -  Volume 1, Number 2

Richard Guy Wilson: Inspirational Learning - The Architecture of the University
of Virginia

Reply to Wilson
Mark R. Wenger: Reply to Richard Guy Wilson
Carl Lounsbery: Thomas Jefferson's Architectural Legacy, A Reply to Richard Wilson

James J. Carpenter: Jefferson's Republican Vision and Citizen Education

Blanche Brick: Thomas Jefferson and the Natural-Rights Conception of Equal
Educational Opportunity

Richard E. Dixon: Mr. Jefferson's Law School

White Makenzie Wallenborn: Thomas Jefferson, Medicine, and the University
of Virginia

M. Andrew Holowchak: Self and Selflessness: Elite-Level Education and the
Paradox of Public Service in a Jeffersonian Republic

Maurice Apprey: Effective History: The Horizon for Sustained and Catalytic
Change at the University of Virginia

William Wilson: Thomas Jefferson - University Founder and Virginia Rebel

Garrett Ward Sheldon: Thomas Jefferson's Conception of "Academic Freedom"
and Its Current Condition in American Higher Education

Book Reviews
Letter to the Editor